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Free School Meals - October Half Term

Dear all, I have just received this message from Manchester City Council. Please read to the bottom as there is a link to enable those of you that are eligible, to claim free school meal funding for the half term break.
Manchester City Council has agreed today to provide funding for all children from Nursery class to Year 11 who are eligible for a benefits related free school meal over the half term break next week. This will be families on a low income that receive the pupil premium. This will include children from families who are legally classed as no recourse to public funds. This does not include children who get a free school meal through the universal scheme whereby all children in Reception year one and two receive a meal without charge. These children are not classed as free school meals for this scheme. 
Eligible families will receive a cash payment of £15 per child for the week and will need to claim through the Welfare provision scheme on the Council's website - the link is copied below. The scheme will continue to be open for 2 weeks after half term up until 13th November so that families can apply retrospectively if they are unable to claim next week. We will be making all of our front line service aware of this too so they can support the families they are working with to apply for the funding as soon as possible. Please can you help by letting your families who are eligible for this payment know through your communication channels and school website. 
Please click on the link below:
Many thanks
Mrs Deacy

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