Christ The King RC Primary School

Sporting News

26/2/20 - A great day at the Cliff Training Ground for the Manchester United football tournament with the Year 1 Boys' football team. Some great players have played there and now have some of our pupils. Well done boys! 

26/2/20 - The Year 5/6 Boys' football team were also in action tonight. They had a top of the table clash and and came out as 3-1 winners. Excellent second half performance from the boys! 

27/2/20 - Another successful night for the Year 5/6 Boys' football team tonight after winning 6-0. Well done boys! 

2/3/20 - The Year 6 Girls' football team were in action tonight. It was a really big effort from the girls and they made the school proud. Well done girls!  

5/3/20 - We have the great honour of officially announcing that the Year 5/6 Boys' football team have won their league after an impressive 12-0 win tonight. We are so proud of their attitude, behaviour and skills that they have shown over the last 5 months. Well done boys! 

12/3/20 - An outstanding performance from the Year 6 Netball team. They won the St. Matthew's tournament tonight winning every game. A great effort from all of the children!

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