Christ The King RC Primary School

There is an overwhelming sense of belonging, one parent commented, “We are just one big happy family here”. (Salford Diocese, Section 48 Inspection)


Religious education is at the core of everything that happens at Christ the King and is visible in every room in the school. (Salford Diocese, Section 48 Inspection )




Christ the King is a Roman Catholic Primary School, which aims to provide a high quality Catholic education for all children who attend the school. It is committed to working in partnership with the Diocese of Salford, the parents of its children and the local community. The Mission Statement of Christ the King is central to the ethos of the school.


The G.I.F.T Team

We are the G.I.F.T team. G.I.F.T. stands for Growing in Faith Together.  We help to nurture the faith life of our school.  We lead assemblies and other times of collective worship.  We have a responsibility to ensure our faith is seen, heard and observed throughout our school and parish. 

We follow the ‘5Ws Framework’ in accordance with the Diocese of  Salford. The 5Ws stand for:

  3. WORD


As a school, the RE Curriculum is based on the Liturgical Calendar and also the schemes of work recommended by the Diocese of Salford which include: Come and See and The Way, The Truth and the Life. The Come and See scheme is developed through 3 themes: Church, Sacrament and Christian Living.


Click the link below to view our Religious Education Curriculum Overview, which shows the units of learning studied in each term in every year group.




Knowledge Organisers Autumn Term

Please click on the links below to find out what your child will be learning in the Autumn Term.

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY1 Topic 1 Domestic

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY2 Topic 1 Domestic Church Beginnings Unit

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY3 Topic 1 Domestic Church Beginnings Unit

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY4 Topic 1 Domestic Church Beginnings Unit

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY5 Topic 1 Domestic Church Ourselves Unit

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY6 Topic 1 Domestic Church Family-



CTK Knowledge OrganiserY1 Topic 2 Belonging

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY2 Topic 2 Belonging

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY3 Topic 2 Baptism

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY4 Topic 2 Baptism - Confirmation -

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY5 Topic 2 Baptism Confirmation Marriage Commitment Service.

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY6 Topic 2 Belonging Baptism



CTK Knowledge OrganiserY1 Topic 3 Loving

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY2 Topic 3 Loving

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY3 Topic 3 Loving

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY4 Topic 3 Loving Gift

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY5 Topic 3 Loving

CTK Knowledge OrganiserY6 Topic 3 Loving


Collective Worship

At our school we come together regularly to pray during Collective Worship. During the last year we have often prayed together but apart.  Below you can see some images of our Lenten visits to Church.  We have also been looking at the Order of the Mass and the responses that we say.  Please have a look at the document below to help your child with their responses at Mass.



The Liturgical Year

Throughout the year, our school celebrates and follows the Liturgical Calendar.  We celebrate at Church, in school and at home.  We are privileged to be able to include our parishioners, families and the community of Christ the King at these celebrations. 

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Sacramental Programme

Year 3 is a very special time for the children at our school.  We continue on our Sacramental Journey and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Everyone, including parents, parishioners,Fr. Derek, staff and children work extremely hard to make this a very special time at Christ the King.



Details for this Year's Sacramental Programme will follow shortly. 


Statements to Live By

At Christ the King we try our very best to live by the following statements. We learn about each of the statements during Collective Worship. Throughout the week we focus on one statement, looking out for great examples of our Statement to Live By in our school community.

Remembrance Day - Year 6 led our Remembrance Day Service in the Prayer Garden.  We also attended the Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph on Church Street and observed two minutes' silence.  

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years


At the going down of the sun and in the


We will remember them.

Crib Blessing- The GIFT Team lead our Crib Blessing

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Prayer Stations

At Christ the King, we take the opportunity to express our faith through prayer as often as possible.  We share our Prayer Stations Days with parents and parishioners.  All are welcome at Christ the King.

Abraham's Tent

This half-term we have been thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves and thought about how our world is a home for all.  We put a tent on the KS2 playground and thought about the story of Abraham's Tent.

Abram and Sarai had brand new names. God told them to change their names to Abraham and Sarah. Once, Abraham sat by his tent, wishing again that he and Sarah had a son of their own. He remembered that God had promised, “I am going to give you children, Abraham.” But that was such a long time ago. Would God keep His promise? Abraham hoped so. He wanted a son very much.

Abraham’s wife, Sarah, wanted a son, too. But she didn’t think God would keep His promise. “I’m too old to have a baby,” she said to herself. “I’m almost 90 years old.” 

It was a very hot day! The sun was beating down, and no breeze was blowing. Suddenly Abraham looked up and saw three travellers coming toward his tent. Abraham bowed to the travellers and said, “Hello! Please stay awhile and rest under these trees near my tent. It’s cool and shady here. And if you’ll rest awhile, I’ll bring you water to wash your tired, dusty feet and give you something to eat and drink.

Then the visitors accepted Abraham’s kind offer and settled down in the shade of the trees.

“Thank you,” they said.

Abraham hurried into the tent. “Sarah!” he cried, “We have visitors! Quickly bake some bread for them while I see to the fixing of the meat for their dinner.”

Later Abraham brought out milk and cheese and meat for the visitors to eat. While they ate, Abraham stood nearby. One visitor said to Abraham, “God is going to keep His promise to you. When I come to visit you next year, Sarah will have a baby boy.”

Sarah was inside the tent, listening to the men talk. She laughed to herself. “That’s impossible!” she thought. “Abraham and I are much too old to have children.”

The man said, “Why did Sarah laugh? Is anything too hard for God to do? When I come back next year, Sarah will have a son. You can always trust what God says.”

Sarah was very surprised that the visitors knew what she was thinking. She hadn’t said anything out loud and yet they knew what she said to herself! These were not just ordinary visitors. One of the visitors was the Lord and the other two were angels.

What do you think Abraham thought when he heard this good news? He was very happy. He knew his time of waiting would soon be over. He knew he could trust what God said.

Why did the visitors come? Because God wanted Abraham to know about the baby. God wanted Abraham and Sarah to learn that they could trust what He said about a baby and they could trust what He said about other things. A year later, Sarah held a little baby boy in her arms. The baby’s name was Isaac. Sarah was so happy, she laughed. She had the little baby she had always wanted. When Isaac was born, Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90.

Abraham was happy, too. “God did what He said He would do,” Abraham said. “We can always trust what God says. He has given us a fine baby boy.”



During Collective Worship we often practice Mindfulness, realising that we can pray at any time of the day and in any way.  It helps us live and be in the present moment, knowing that God loves us just as we are.



 Laudato Si Spring Photographs

Five Fingers of Prayer - During our collective worship we often ask the children to use the five fingers of prayer.



Life to the Full is a programme in Relationship and Health Education for Catholic primary schools throughout the UK.

Our Online Parent Portal contains:

  • An overview of the programme, “Life to the Full”
  • Guidance for parents on the content of lessons
  • Activities that can be undertaken at home to support the delivery of the programme

What is Life to the Full?

It’s a programme in Relationships and Health Education based on the Department of Education guidance which became statutory during the academic year 2020/21.  This programme is rooted in a Christian understanding of the human person, based on “A Model Catholic RSE Curriculum” provided by the Catholic Education Service.

The Crowning of Our Lady

During May, as a parish and a school, we come together to honor Our Blessed Lady..  Traditionally, Year 3 children have led this celebration but everyone has enjoyed the May procession around school.

The Legion of Mary

We are very lucky to have the Legion of Mary visit us every week to say the Rosary.  Thank you Laura for your commitment and dedication; our children do enjoy this time for prayer.

Holy Hour and the Children of Fatima

At Christ the King children are given the opportunity to take part in the celebration of the lives of the children of Fatima and say the Rosary together.  Thank you to Mrs Farand, one of our Governors, for introducing this to our school. 

Other Faiths

We look at other people's faiths and beliefs and Christ the King.  Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Synagogue. We received a wonderful welcome and the talk and tour was both informative and fascinating.

Holocaust Memorial Day

We thought about those who have shone brightly.

Mr Ali visited us to share his beliefs and talk to us about the traditions of the Islamic faith.  It was both informative and really interesting.  Thank you Mr. Ali.

Manchester Central Mosque extended a warm welcome to us.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit  and learnt such a lot..

Prayer Garden

We are very lucky to have a prayer garden at school.  We are able to come together here for collective worship.  We also use this space for our Remembrance Service in November and Mr Rice kindly places our beautiful Nativity figures here.


At Christ the King we work closely with CAFOD to ensure 'no-one beyond reach'. We've been lucky enough to engage in workshops centred around Pope Francis' encyclical, Laudate Si which encourages us to look after God's wonderful world.  This year we enjoyed a Zoom call from CAFOD which taught us about the importance of clean water.

You can find out more about CAFOD's wonderful work here.

Children at Christ the King have been walking 100 miles this term to raise money for CAFOD and have just over 22 miles left.  We were inspired by the visit from Cafod who work with local partners and communities across the world - responding to emergencies, promoting long-term development and raising public awareness of the causes of poverty. Cafod work with people of all faiths and none for a safe, sustainable and peaceful world.

Our Harvest Collection

Reaching Out To Our Parishioners

At Christ the King we are always supported by our parish and we thought we would reach out to them at this uncertain time.  We felt many people in our parish community might like to receive a letter from us and we do hope that they reply. We know that some letters are already winging their way back to us!

Caring For Our Common Home

We have submitted logo designs for the new Laudato Si Centre.

Prayer Through Paint- We are constantly trying to deepen and nourish our children's faith life.  We have embraced Prayer through Paint as a way of affording our children an opportunity to express their faith, beliefs and reflections in a calm, personal and meditative way.  Please look at the results below.

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