Christ The King RC Primary School


At Christ the King, we believe effective assessment is essential for high quality teaching and learning. Most assessment is on-going as part of classroom activities and we consider daily interaction and dialogue with the children the most useful information regarding pupil progress. This is supplemented by planned assessment activities and tests where appropriate. We use our school curriculum maps and the National Curriculum to guide our planning. We base our objectives upon the teachers’ detailed knowledge of each child and strive to ensure that all tasks set are appropriate to each child’s level of ability. Using our school tracking system,

Target Tracker we record the progress of each child against the National Curriculum learning objectives for each area of the curriculum. This allows us to monitor and track the progress of every child.


As a school, we have thought carefully about how we can adapt our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of the children as they return to school following the Covid-19 pandemic. We have implemented a ‘Recovery Curriculum’ as we welcomed back all pupils in September. Additionally, we regularly carry out careful assessments of our children with regards to their academic progress. We understand that our

children's experiences during the home-learning period may vary from one individual to another. With that in mind, we are ensuring that our curriculum matches the needs of our children, using teacher assessments in class, and planning to address any gaps that are discovered. We are very mindful of the impact the

pandemic has had on our children’s attainment and progress and our new recovery curriculum will

support our children’s transition back to school so that they are then able to make accelerated progress in class.


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