Christ The King RC Primary School

Pupil Voice: 

I love playing the stop and go game - Nora (Reception)

I liked learning how to make my own rhythm- Austin (Y1)

We get to play on the percussion instruments - Alexandra (Y2)         

I enjoy learning to sing new songs - Mia (Y3) 

I enjoy listening to different kinds of music and learning to play on the glockenspiel - Poppy (Y4)         

I enjoy music because it has helped me learn for the future if I become a musician - Brandilyn (Y5)      

I enjoy learning new things in Music which I haven't learnt before - Emmanuel (Y6)                        

Music Curriculum 

The following documents regarding the Music Curriculum can be clicked on the links below:

Music Curriculum 3I'S Statements 2021 - 2022.pdf

ctk music curriculum overview 2021-2022.pdf

Music condensed 2021 - 2022.pdf


Music Key Vocabulary 

Vocabulary Progression 2021 - 2022 Music.pdf

Nursery Key Musical Vocabulary.pdf

Reception Key Musical Vocabulary.pdf

Year 1 Key Musical Vocabulary.pdf

Year 2 Key Musical Vocabulary.pdf

Key Stage 2 Key Musical Vocabulary.pdf


Autumn Term 2 - Music Curriculum 

In Nursery, we are learning about loud and quiet. 

In Reception, we are learning about dynamics.

In Year 1, we are learning about rhythm.

In Year 2, we are learning about pulse, rhythm and metre. 

In Year 3, we are learning about structure.  We will also be learning how to play the recorder.

In Year 4, we are learning about graphic scores.  We will also be learning how to play the recorder.

In Year 5, we are learning about Recycled Rhythms.

In Year 6, we are learning about Minimalism. 


Knowledge Organisers

The Music Knowledge Organisers for each half term can be found on the Curriculum subject page of the school website. This half term the children will be using the Knowledge Organisers for Autumn term 2. Click the link below.


Music Activities

The following musical activities take place weekly:  


Wednesday:  KS2 Guitar - Mr McAndrew

1.15 pm - 3.15 pm:  Years 5 and 6 small group lessons.

3.30 pm - 4.15 pm:  Year 4 after school guitar group. 

Below on this web-page there are some photographs of the children who participate with guitar lessons.

KS2 Choir 

KS2 Choir rehearsals are on Thursday's , 12.15 pm  - 12.45 pm led by Mrs Nish.     

Useful Links:




One Education | Putting Children First


 One Education are delighted to introduce a new East Music Centre  this also introduces the return of North, South, East and Central Music Centres in addition to the Irish, Russian and Steelpan Centres.

All the information about the centres can be accessed via their website. I have provided the link below.

The amazing thing about the Music Centres is all the activities are FREE.

The nearest centre to school is the East Music Centre – based at The East Manchester Academy. Activities at this centre are held on a Wednesday 4pm - 5.55pm. I've attached the link below for access to the full timetable.

The next nearest centre to our school is the North Music Centre - based at the Co-op Academy of Manchester. Activities at this centre are held on a Thursday 3 pm - 7.30 pm. I've attached the link below for access to the full timetable.


On Monday 12th October 2021 the children in Key Stage 2 had a visit from Carla at One Education.  She talked to the children about the Music Centres.  Carla taught the children ,'Count on me,'by Bruno Mars.  The video of the children singing this is below. 

One Education have also produced a short video. The link to watch the video is below.


myhub - manchester music 





Here are some excellent Music websites with free useful resources:



 Music Marks:

Christ the King RC Primary School has been nominated and financially supported by our local Music Service/Hub to become a Music Mark School. Manchester Music Hub has recognised the value that Christ the King places on music. Music Marks recognises all the hard work that is given in order to ensure that pupils at Christ the King are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education which offers and delivers a broad and balanced curriculum that is both welcomed and celebrated.  

 Here are some Music Technology free resources:

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