Christ The King RC Primary School


Autumn 1 Topics 

Year 1 - Animals Including Humans - Identify and name animal groups; carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Parts of human body link to senses. 

Year 2 - Healthy Me - In this topic, children explore the importance of exercise, diet and good hygiene. 

Year 3 - Food and our Bodies - This topic looks at where animals get food from and why it is important, and skeletons, muscles and joints.

Year 4 - Teeth and Eating - Children learn about digestion and different types of teeth, before moving on to explore deadly predators and their prey, in their exploration of food chains. 

Year 5 - Circle of Life - In this topic children look at the life cycles of various species including mammals, amphibians, fish and birds. They also look at and describe the life process of reproduction in plants and animals.

Year 6 - Classifying Living Things - The topic is divided into two units, Children first revisit their knowledge of classification and creating keys, before developing their knowledge by looking at fungi and bacteria.

Autumn 1 Experiment to do at home 

Science News

Year 5 have recently had a virtual talk from some students at Manchester University about Space. In the session the children designed a space suit and a rocket that they could use if they were to travel to Mars. Below are some pictures of a display that the children use in class to help with their learning and some comments from what the children thought about the talk. 

"I liked the talk because it was about space and it was about Science. I remember learning about Mars, fact and fiction." 

"I liked it because I designed a space suit and a rocket for a trip to Mars. I also learnt a few interesting facts."

Across the school we have been learning about Plants in Science. To help with the children's learning we have been planting flowers in various parts of the school grounds. In year 3 we have been learning about the parts of a Plant and what plants need to grow. The Year 1 children have been planting seeds to grow different types of vegetables.  



At Christ the King, we enhance and enrich our Science curriculum by taking the children on trips and having visitors in school. The children have had visits from the RSPB where the children learnt about habitats and the different types of trees. Some children also took part in the Great Science share where the children demonstrated an investigation and experienced different investigations from children at other schools. 

Learning about habitats in our playground.
Learning about habitats in our playground.
Demonstrating the Digestive System to other schools.
Demonstrating the Digestive System to other schools.

Pupil Voice

 ‘Making a volcano and learning how to do new things. I also learnt how to make a circuit so that the bulb lights up.’ Alfie

‘I got to spend time doing experiments with my dad. My favourite part was making a volcano that erupted and learning to make better paper aeroplanes.’ Alyssia

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