Christ The King RC Primary School


A group of Year 5 children recently went to St. Malachy’s to take part in a Space exhibition. Whilst they were there, they listened to a talk from an astronomer and got to experience a Space dome. They also learnt about the different planets and other aspects of the Solar System.

In Year 3 we have been looking at the Human skeleton through the National curriculum. The children now have a good knowledge of the different bones and what their functions are. Here is a diagram of the Human skeleton that the children produced together. 

In the Autumn term, some of the children had the opportunity to attend a Science club alongside their parents, where they had hands-on experience of carrying out different Scientific investigations.


At Christ the King, we enhance and enrich our Science curriculum by taking the children on trips and having visitors in school. The children have had visits from the RSPB where the children learnt about habitats and the different types of trees. Some children also took part in the Great Science share where the children demonstrated an investigation and experienced different investigations from children at other schools. 

Learning about habitats in our playground.
Learning about habitats in our playground.
Demonstrating the Digestive System to other schools.
Demonstrating the Digestive System to other schools.

Pupil Voice

 ‘Making a volcano and learning how to do new things. I also learnt how to make a circuit so that the bulb lights up.’ Alfie

‘I got to spend time doing experiments with my dad. My favourite part was making a volcano that erupted and learning to make better paper aeroplanes.’ Alyssia

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