Christ The King RC Primary School

Our Staff


“A school full of love, life, laughter and learning accurately describes the culture of Christ the King RC Primary School. Pupils want to learn. It is a happy school.”

- Ofsted. 

At Christ the King, our dedicated team works together to provide children with a rich and
well-rounded education, complete with high academic aspirations as well as opportunities to develop in sports, the arts, and beyond. It’s a pleasure for each of us to help our pupils grow.


Headteacher: Mrs Deacy
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Malone


SENDCo: Mrs Holroyd (Assistant Headteacher)
Pupil and Family Support Worker: Mrs Wolfenden


Teacher: Miss Pask
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gill, Miss Taylor, Miss Francis, Miss Sutton, Miss Curtis
Additional Support Teacher: Mrs Nish, Mrs Fleming and Mrs Fahy


Reception 1 Teacher: Mrs Deakin (Assistant Headteacher)
Reception 1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Douglas, Mrs Conway
Reception 2 Teacher: Miss Cullen
Reception 2 Teaching Assistants: Miss Hallworth, Mrs Conway
Additional Support Teachers: Mrs Nish, Mrs Fleming and Mrs Fahy

Year 1

Year 1H Teacher: Mrs Higgens (Assistant Headteacher)
Year 1L Teacher: Mrs Henrys
Teaching Assistants: Miss Kelly
Additional Support Teachers: Mrs Fleming, Mrs Hixon

Year 2 

Year 2K Teacher: Miss Kendrick
Year 2A Teacher: Mrs Atkinson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lennon
Additional Support Teacher: Miss Hoolighan

Year 3

Year 3C Teacher: Mrs Coyle (Assistant Headteacher)

Year 3L Teachers: Mrs Collins, Miss Hoolighan
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bland

Year 4

Year 4B Teacher: Mr Kendrick
Year 4F Teacher: Miss Fowler
Teaching Assistants: Miss Courtney, Mrs Kelly
Additional Support Teacher: Mrs Bradburn, Mrs Hixon

Year 5

Year 5F Teacher: Mr Fitzpatrick
Year 5L teacher: Miss Lavery
Teaching Assistants: Mr Davies
Additional Support Teacher: Mrs Gallimore 

Year 6

Year 6H Teacher: Mr Hampson
Year 6P Teacher: Mrs Patel
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Powell, Mrs Derbyshire, Miss Ormrod

Music Teachers
: Mrs Nish and Mr McAndrew

French Teacher
: Mrs Binns

KS1 PE Teacher
: Mrs Henrys

KS2 PE Teacher: Mr Kendrick

Office Staff 

Office Manager: Mrs Potter
Admin Assistant: Mrs Eyres
Admin Staff: Mrs Awudu

Support Staff

Catering Unit Manager: Mrs Palmer
Kitchen Staff: Mrs Clay, Mrs Hurst, Ms Zmuda, Mrs Berhe
Premises Managers: Mr Rice and Mr Holland
Cleaning Staff: Mrs Street, Mrs Broughan, Mrs Clay, Mrs Partington, Mrs Starbuck
Senior Lunchtime Organiser: Mrs Platt
Lunchtime Organisers: Mrs Partington, Mrs Ryan, Mrs Street, Mrs Grant, Mrs Copeland, Mrs Broughan, Mrs Dennison

Culcheth Lane, Manchester, Lancashire M40 1LU

0161 681 2779
For telephone enquiries please ask for Mrs Potter.
At point of contact, enquires and queries will be dealt with by Mrs. Potter.
For a paper copy of any information on this website, please contact the school office.
SEN enquiries will be passed on to the school SENDCo Mrs Holroyd.