Welcome to Year 2!

Our teachers are Mrs Higgens, Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Fahy, Mrs Lennon, Miss Rowland and Miss Francis.  

 Take a look at all the things we will be working on this half term-

Autumn Term 1 Newsletter 2019 - Click Here  

New Beginnings...

In our Religion work at this time of the year we are thinking about new beginnings.  We read the story of creation from the book of Genesis in the Bible and had a class celebration to pray for our new start in Year 2.  We thought about all the wonderful things that God created including us! We painted a portrait of ourselves to include on the class display. 

 Marvellous Mathematicians!

Our work this half term is all about number and place value.  We have been doing lots of counting and ordering using number lines and counting equipment. 

Manchester City  

We have a coach from Manchester City in the Community coming to work with us this term. We will be practising our skills and working as a team.