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Design & Technology

 'The one who sits on the throne said, “And now I make all things new!” ' Praise God whose mercies are new every morning and who assures us of our place in the new creation. We are all made in God's image, and many people display great creativity.'

(Revelations 21:5)


Design & Technology is an inspiring, rigorous, and practical subject, which encourages pupils to think both analytically and creatively. Whilst developing their technical skills and knowledge, pupils are given the chance to respond to real-life problems with their own designs and solutions.

Topics vary from electrical systems to food, often intersecting with a range of different subjects including maths, science, computing and art. This allows children to develop in multiple areas as they improve their capacity to take-risks and innovate, preparing them for life in the modern world.


Curriculum Documents

Curriculum Statement

Art and DT Curriculum Overview 22-23

Art and DT Curriculum Map 2022-23


At Christ the King, we follow the National Curriculum and then enhance our curriculum using Kapow's Design and Technology scheme of work. To find out more information about Kapow click here.

Design Technology in Action...


Year 1Inspired by the song, ‘Mouse in a windmill’, the Year 1 children designed and constructed a windmill for a client (mouse) to live in. They explored various types of windmill, how they work and their key features.

Year 5 - The children created a functional four-page pop-up storybook design, using lever, sliders, layers and spacers to create paper-based mechanisms. The children then went to visit the Year 1 children to share the stories they made. 

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