Christ The King RC Primary School

Urban Crew

Meet our Urban Crew members for 2019-2020!

Keep checking our page to see the great things we will be a part of throughout the year.

Urban Crew members have an 'Urban Crew duty' to do every week. They patrol our school at lunch times and check for hazards both indoors and outdoors such as coats on the floor in cloakrooms and litter in our playgrounds. They are also in charge of emptying our paper recycling bins that were brought about via a decision made by school council last year. Another important aspect of their role is to look out for other children that may be lonely or need help in some way. You will see them wearing their green jackets and blue caps. Come and say hello! 

Urban Crew Workshops

Throughout the year urban crew will take part in workshops provided by staff from Manchester Communications Academy that will centre around identity, community, citizenship, environment and enterprise. Have a look at our most recent workshops here: 

Identity Workshop

Greater Manchester Youth Network Project

Urban crew are very excited to be taking part in a social action project funded by the GMYN organisation. They have £350 to use for a community based project. They are working with Mrs Potter to help bring her idea of providing a Christmas meal for the needy and the elderly of the local community to life. They have been busy planning this in workshops provided at school by GMYN. They have designed and made the invitations, and have begun to make some Christmas table decorations. Take a look at some of the things they have done in preparation so far:

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