Christ The King RC Primary School

Music Knowledge Organisers 



At Christ the King, we use Knowledge Organisers to help children to learn the essential knowledge they need for each unit they study. A Knowledge Organiser sets out in detail the essential information that children should know and understand by the end of the topic.  It also acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning.

We have developed our Knowledge Organisers to support the delivery of the curriculum, with each one starting with the knowledge children should already have from previous learning. Each Knowledge Organiser also has a quiz to help children recall the knowledge and a ‘Vocabulary Dozen’, which is a list of technical vocabulary with definitions.

As well as learning the knowledge from the current topic, it is also useful for children to go back to previous Knowledge Organisers and re-read and revise these so that the information from previous learning is not forgotten.


There are Music Knowledge Organisers for each year group from Y1-Y6 and for each unit of work.  Year 5 do not currently have Knowledge Organisers, as they are studying the ukulele.


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