Christ The King RC Primary School

Parental Involvement

LPPA Award

Christ the King has, several times, been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award. We have been commended for demonstrating our “commitment and recognition of the importance and impact of parental involvement.”

With an ethos of supporting and involving parents embedded in school practice, we have continued to offer provision for parents to help support their child’s learning and support the whole family.



Rachel from SCARF delivered a workshop on Healthy Eating for parents.

She offered tips on how to have happier and healthy mealtimes:

If you want to give your child a choice about their food, do it before you prepare the meal, but only give them a choice of two things. Once they've made their choice don't let them pester you into giving something else.

Serve small portions but have second helpings available.

Keep instructions like "eat up" to a minimum and remember to praise your child as soon as they follow your instructions.

When they do try something praise them.

Offer specific praise. For example, "Well done for eating your peas."

Try to reduce sugar levels. For example, no sugar on breakfast cereals.

Get the children involved in unpacking the shopping and putting food in the fridge.

Encourage your child to drink milk and water.

Drink other drinks through a straw so their teeth aren't exposed to them.


Past Courses and Workshops

We welcomed Manchester City as they hosted the City Lifestyles course in school. Parents and children learned about fitness, nutrition, and all about the preparation of healthy meals. 

Over Christmas, parents in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 were invited to a workshop where they created Christmas cards and practised handwriting with the children.

Story Sacks and Phonics Bags

In Nursery, we have made a range of story sacks for children to use with their parents. Each story sack contains a book with props to carry out activities related to the story. Similarly, we have also made Phase One Phonics bags for Nursery children to use at home with their parents so they can tune into sounds together. 

"Poppy enjoyed the story and had so much fun with the role play and answering the questions. Isabelle enjoyed it very much."
"Poppy enjoyed the story and had so much fun with the role play and answering the questions. Isabelle enjoyed it very much."

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