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Spring 1 Topics 

Nursery - Around the World - Choose the right resources to carry out their own plan. For example, choosing a spade to enlarge a small hole they dug with a trowel.

Reception - Around the World - Manage their own needs– (healthy teeth). 

Year 1 - Properties of Materials - Identify everyday materials, compare and group based on properties.

Year 2 - Materials Monster - This topic explores the properties and uses of everyday materials, set in the context of meeting, talking to and feeding the Materials Monster.

Year 3 - Rocks and Fossils - In this topic children work scientifically on a variety of quick investigations and longer tasks to learn about rocks. This topic covers the properties and uses of rocks, the rock family, soils and finally fossils.

Year 4 - Looking at States - Children will learn about states of matter. They will compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. They will observe that some materials change state when heated or cooled, and they will identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.

Year 5 - Out of this world - In this topic, children learn about space. Starting with the Solar System, they look next at how ideas about space have changed over time before they explore what causes us to experience night and day on Earth.

Year 6 - Light - The topic introduces the concept of light travelling in straight lines. It starts by looking at beams of light and how light travels to enable children to understand how we see things. This understanding is then applied to the production of shadows and starts to look at how light is reflected. The topic then takes the learning into the realm of coloured light and rainbows, using scientific skills to raise and answer questions. It builds on the work carried out in Year 3 on light, shadows and reflection.

Spring 1 Experiment to do at home 

Science News

Year 5 have recently had a virtual talk from some students at Manchester University about Space. In the session the children designed a space suit and a rocket that they could use if they were to travel to Mars. Below are some pictures of a display that the children use in class to help with their learning and some comments from what the children thought about the talk. 

"I liked the talk because it was about space and it was about Science. I remember learning about Mars, fact and fiction." 

"I liked it because I designed a space suit and a rocket for a trip to Mars. I also learnt a few interesting facts."

Across the school we have been learning about Plants in Science. To help with the children's learning we have been planting flowers in various parts of the school grounds. In year 3 we have been learning about the parts of a Plant and what plants need to grow. The Year 1 children have been planting seeds to grow different types of vegetables.  



At Christ the King, we enhance and enrich our Science curriculum by taking the children on trips and having visitors in school. The children have had visits from the RSPB where the children learnt about habitats and the different types of trees. Some children also took part in the Great Science share where the children demonstrated an investigation and experienced different investigations from children at other schools. 

Learning about habitats in our playground.
Learning about habitats in our playground.
Demonstrating the Digestive System to other schools.
Demonstrating the Digestive System to other schools.

Pupil Voice

 ‘Making a volcano and learning how to do new things. I also learnt how to make a circuit so that the bulb lights up.’ Alfie

‘I got to spend time doing experiments with my dad. My favourite part was making a volcano that erupted and learning to make better paper aeroplanes.’ Alyssia

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