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Year 1

 Welcome to Year One!

Meet the Staff:

Y1H - Mrs Higgens 

Y1L - Mrs Henry's, Miss Kelly

We are also supported by Mrs Hixon and Mrs Fleming   


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Y1H Mrs Higgens

Y1L Mrs Henry's 

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Year 1 Curriculum Overview 

 Summer Term  Science Knowledge Organiser 'Plants'

Summer 2 History Knowledge Organiser 'Great Inventors'     


"Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain, but if it dies it bears much fruit." (John 12.24)

We have talked about the signs of the different seasons, how each one has its own beauty and how it is necessary for growth that there are changes.  Like the seasons of the year we too change and grow.  We thought about the ways in which we have changed since we were babies.  We have also learnt about the events of Holy Week and the last days in the life of Jesus. Over the next half term we will be learning about holidays and Holydays and how these are happy times and times for celebration.  We will learn about the great feast of Pentecost.  



In Mathematics we have been learning about measuring length and height, weight and volume. We have been using practical equipment to learn how to measure using non standard units as well as solving simple problems involving measures.  Our next topics will be Multiplication and Division and Fractions.  We will be learning about equal groups and how to represent multiplication as arrays.  We will be dividing using grouping and sharing.  



Free School Balance Cliparts, Download Free School Balance Cliparts png  images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library


In Year One,  pupils will need to learn number bonds to make 10. They will need to recall them from memory.  They will have lots of opportunities to practise using equipment like the Numicon shapes shown below. 

In our English lessons this half term we have some lovely fiction texts to read and to inspire our writing.  We will be reading  'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes and 'The Queen's Hat' by Steve Antony. 

We will also be continuing with our daily phonics and reading lessons following the Read, Write
Inc programme. Spelling tests for our
'Grand Spell' will continue this term, children
will bring these home to practise each week.   

We would recommend that children read their home reading book daily to an adult to practise the skills they are learning at school.  


Dogger: Hughes, Shirley: 9781862308053: Books 

                                           The Queen's Hat: Antony, S.: 0001444919156: Books


Watch the video clip from Ruth Miskin, as she explains how we use the phonics programme Read, Write Inc to teach the children in Year 1 to blend and read simple words.  

Here are the common exception words that pupils in Key Stage One learn to read and spell.  Some of these are included on the weekly spelling tests. 

The Spellings for Summer 2  can be found here: 

Group 1 Spellings

Group 2 Spellings



In our Art, the children joined in with a fantastic art workshop via zoom,  with the cartoon artist James Parsons.  He taught them how to draw cartoon animals.  It was great fun! We have some very talented artists in Year 1.  

In our Art lessons, we have been learning about 'Nature Sculptures' and the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Inspired by his work, we created some 'Land Art' of our own.  We also made our own sculptures using clay.  We practised the techniques of rolling, pinching, squeezing, scratching and smoothing. We used the clay to create models of natural objects.  

In PE, the pupils in Year 1 enjoyed a Bikability session this half term with the staff from Bike Right Manchester who brought along all the equipment for the children to join in,  to develop their balancing and cycling skills.  We had some very confident cyclists at the end of the session.  

We had a fabulous time with MAD (Military Activity Days) who came to visit us at school.  We took part in a variety of activities that gave us the opportunity to  practise team work, communication as well as physical skills.  

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