Christ The King RC Primary School

Year 1


Welcome to Year One!

The staff in Year 1 are:

Y1H - Mrs Higgens 

Y1L - Mrs Henry's, Miss Kelly

We are also supported by Mrs Hixon and Mrs Fleming   


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Y1H Mrs Higgens

Y1L Mrs Henry's 

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Year 1 Curriculum Overview 

Spring 1 Geography Knowledge Organiser - 'People and their Communities'

Spring 1 Science Knowledge Organiser - 'Materials' 


 'You are the people of God; he loved you and chose you for his own. So then you must clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience… And to all these qualities add love, which binds all things together in prefect unity.'     Colossians 3:12-14

Our Religion topic this half term is 'Families'. The children started the term by making a family portrait and talking about the people in their family that they love,  and that love and care for them.  We gathered together to pray for members of our family.  



Our Mathematics work this half term is all about 'Addition and Subtraction'.  The pupils will be building on their skills from Reception using the correct symbols and vocabulary to add two groups together. They will learn how to take away,  as well as count back on a number line to subtract.  The children will be practising their fluency of known number facts.  We have some new equipment called a 'rekenrek' which is like an abacus, that we are using to help us learn addition and subtraction facts.   



20-Bead Sensory Rekenrek H2M93432 | Primary ICT


In Year One,  pupils will need to learn number bonds to make 10.  They will need to recall them from memory.  They will have lots of opportunities to practise using equipment like the Numicon shapes shown below. 


In our English lessons this half term we have some lovely fiction texts to read and to inspire our writing.  We will be reading 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.  We will also be continuing with our daily phonics and reading lessons following the Read, Write Inc programme.  Spelling tests for our 'Grand Spell' will begin this term, children will bring these home to practise.  We would recommend that children read their home reading book daily to an adult to practise the skills they are learning at school.  


Lost and Found 



Watch the video clip from Ruth Miskin, as she explains how we use the phonics programme Read, Write Inc to teach the children in Year 1 to blend and read simple words.  

Here are the common exception words that pupils in Key Stage One learn to read and spell.  Some of these are included on the weekly spelling tests. 

The Spellings for Spring 1 can be found here. 



Our Science topic this term is 'Seasonal Change'.   We went on a lovely walk to Brookdale Park.  We were blessed with beautiful autumn sunshine and we were able to use our senses to spot lots of signs of the changing seasons. We even met a very friendly squirrel! 


During outdoor games, we are very lucky to be able to work with one of our coaches from Manchester City this half term.  The pupils will be working on basic skills in the context of whole class fun games and activities. During indoor PE the children will be doing dance.  The children will learn about the positive effects of physical exercise and how this makes them feel.  

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