Christ The King RC Primary School

Attendance and Punctuality

Congratulations to all the children who are achieving 100% attendance this academic year.

Termly, pupils who achieve this are recognised and rewarded with a badge, bronze, silver and bronze. We celebrate all pupils with good attendance each term, giving certificates to pupils who achieve over 95%.

Previously, children were rewarded with a trip to the Police Museum in Manchester. We are planning a reward trip this academic year.


We encourage parents and children to arrive at school punctually by 8:55am and support this by 'sliding in' to classes from 8:45. Thank you for your co-operation with this. If for any reason your child is unable to attend school please ring the school that morning.


If we have not heard from you be 9:30am we will ring you. I am sure that you appreciate that this is for the safety and security of you child.


We do not authorise holidays during term time and must remind you that should your child be absent for 14 sessions (7days) in a half term, you may incur a fixed penalty fine from Manchester City Council. The expectation is that every child will achieve 95% attendance and anything below 90% is unacceptable.


We also reward 'Good' attendance and have special treat for children who achieve 100% attendance.


Persistent Absence - What is it?

A P.A. child is one who has less than 90% attendance, or the equivalent of missing 19 school days per year. The City Council are having a purge, fining and prosecuting parents whose children dip below 90%/ You will probably receive a fine if your child's attendance is below 90% and also be taken to court if there is no improvement. 

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