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Computing at Christ the King

Our Computing curriculum is designed to prepare children for a future in an increasingly digital world. We strive for children to be safe, confident, and effective as users and potential innovators of technology. Aside from Computing lessons, our pupils have the opportunity to use ICT across a range of subjects, with access to both iPads and a state of the art computer suite.

E-Safety: We are particularly keen to equip children with the skill set to stay safe online. See below to learn how the “Education for a Connected World” framework supports children to navigate different digital spaces safely.

Digital Leaders: Some children also have the opportunity to become Digital Leaders, who are responsible for promoting internet safety and improving the way technology is used around the school. Each week, two of our Digital Leaders speak in school assemblies to give advice to other pupils about staying safe online. The children also visit other schools, and have hosted visits themselves to share ideas and show off our computing suite!

Fake News: We are dedicated to equipping all of the families at Christ the King with the necessary tools to spot Fake News and stop the spread of it. Please see the links below to familiarise yourself with the topic and educate your children.

Covid Support: ThinkuKnow was created to support parents during Covid-19 and the closure of schools with home activity packs. There are simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety whilst we are spending more time studying online at home.

Click here to visit the site.

Follow the links below to our Computing Knowledge Organisers.


At Christ the King, we follow the National Curriculum for each subject area. You can find the Programme of Study for Computing here:

Education for a Connected World

We aim to provide the children with the essential skills to keep themselves safe online and use the 'Education for a connected World framework'  and 'Project Evolve' resources to ensure we cover all aspects of life online. 

Click here to find out more about 'Education for a connected world'

Click here to find out more about 'Project Evolve'

We have covered the following strands in all year groups so far this year.

Autumn 1 - Self image and identity

Autumn 2 - Online relationships 

Spring 1  - Online Reputation 

Spring 2  - Online Bullying 

Summer 1 - Managing online information 

This half term, across school we will be focusing health, well-being and lifestyle. 

E-Safety at Christ the King

Have a look at the slide show below to see all of the things we do to promote e-safety in our school.

Parents E-Safety workshop

Christ the King Primary School is totally committed to the digital safety and wellbeing of our children. As part of this we are running a workshop dedicated to helping parents understand the risks their children face in their online lives and the practical things parents can do to help.


Please join us for this hour long workshop in which Katherine Howard, Head of Community and Wellbeing at Smoothwall will provide you with lots of valuable insights and tools. Including:


  • Information on the latest apps and games your child may have access to.
  • The harmful content your child may be exposed to.
  • How you can help your child to safely navigate online risk.
  • How to access our brand new and FREE Online Safety Hub with dedicated guidance for parents.
  • An introduction to a parental app that allows you to control what your child sees online, if they are at risk, plus other important features.





Summer 1 

This half term during Computing lessons, the children will be covering the following units of work: 

Year 1 - Coding & Spreadsheets

Year 2 - Making Music

Year 3 - Branching Databases & Simulations 

Year 4 - Animations & Effective Searching  

Year 5 -  Game Creator & 3D Modelling 

Year 6 - Networks & Quizzing 


Summer 2

Year 1  - Technology Outside School

Year 2 - Presenting Ideas 

Year 3 - Graphing & Presenting (PowerPoint) 

Year 4 - Hardware Investigators & Making Music

Year 5 - Concept Maps & Word Processing

Year 6 - Understaning Binary & Spreadsheets 

Progression of Skills

Please click on the links below to view the progression of skills documents. 





Online Safety



Text Adventures

We were lucky enough to have “Let’s be internet legends” visit the school and deliver an e-safety workshop.
We were lucky enough to have “Let’s be internet legends” visit the school and deliver an e-safety workshop.







Digital Leaders 

Our Digital Leaders are 5 and 6 with specific responsibilities for developing and improving the way that technology is used across our school and promote Online Saftey.

The children have visited other schools and hosted other schools to show off our computing suite and share ideas.


 Two of our Digital Leaders give a safety message each week in Friday assembly, this encourages all of the children to stay safe on the internet whilst at home and in school.

All of the children have their own PurpleMash account which they can access both in school at home by clicking on this link:

Our Digital leaders promote e-safety in the school and deliver a weekly message to the children on Key Stage Two.   
Our Digital leaders promote e-safety in the school and deliver a weekly message to the children on Key Stage Two.  






Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

Make a report to one of CEOP's Child Protection Advisors


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