Christ The King RC Primary School

School Council

Every year, we hold a recruitment process, involving a vote, so that children gain an understanding of the rights and responsibilities we all have as British citizens. Our children are taught the value of democracy by sharing their viewpoints and listening to others, before they decide on the best candidates to represent the school. 

The pupils who are chosen to join the School Council have a very important job, which is a great opportunity for children to develop their confidence, communication skills and their ability to problem-solve. The School Council meets on a weekly basis to prepare for events, assemblies, and discuss hot topics such as Anti-Bullying Week, Safeguarding, our school environment and events and local initiatives.

Children can share ideas they’d like to be discussed at School Council meetings by letting us know on the suggestions board in the School Hall.  We record our discussions and decisions on our weekly minutes, which are then shared with staff and children, so everyone knows what we are up to!

Meet our School Councillors for the year! 

We have eight councillors in the Autumn Term, one pupil elected from each class in Key Stage Two. The Year 4-Year 6 School Councillors have been 'trained up' in their role as Deputy School Councillor during the  Spring and Summer Term of last year, which means that they are reading to 'hit the ground running' with our projects in September! This year's Councillors are: 

Austin, Jayden, Andrea, Evangelina, Amaya, Isla, Denny and Acksah.

Our Y3 Councillors are elected in the Autumn Term.  Our Deputy Councillors will be elected in the second half of the Spring Term.

See how much they’ve already achieved!


Our School Council Prayer


Our Weekly School Council Meetings


We meet every Friday at 12:15pm to share ideas, give feedback and work on any projects we are leading. We also meet each half term with other pupil leadership groups in our 'Pupil Forum'. 

Anti-Bullying Week

The School Council led several events during Anti-Bullying Week, delivering their own assembly to emphasise the message of friendship, acceptance and being an upstander, not a bystander'. They reminded us to treat others how we wish to be treated and consider all the ways we can brighten people’s day so that Christ the King is always a happy place to be. Our School Councillors also reminded children of our Anti-Bullying Charter, so everyone knows how to spot bullying when it happens and help to put a stop to it. The School Council also promoted and judged the annual Anti-Bullying Campaign Posters from across the school. 

Anti-Bullying Week Poster Competition

School Council Meetings

Our weekly meeting is:

Every Friday at 12:15pm in the Key Stage Two Library.

We ask classes to let their Councillor know if there is anything they'd like us to discuss.

Look out for our suggestions board in the dinner hall and let us know what you would like us to discuss at our next meeting.




Active Playtimes



Caring for our Local Environment

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