Christ The King RC Primary School

Parent Pay

As we are a “cashless” school, we encourage parents to make payments for school lunches, trips and parties online. All children have received a letter with a unique username and password for you to set up an account at

If you have more than one child at school, you can merge your accounts so that you will only have to use one username and password in the future. 

This method allows you to make payments safely and securely at your own convenience. Parent Pay is available to use 24/7.

If you have any questions, please visit Mrs Potter  in the school office, who is more than happy to help.


School Meals Menu 


  •  Our School Council work with Mrs Palmer, our School Cook, to design our school menus. You can have a look at what’s on offer using the link below.


  • Please note, in order to help children settle into the routines of school lunchtime and get used to the meals on offer, our Reception and Nursery children are given a set hot meal. We find that at school, children will often try foods that they refuse at home- please continue to encourage your child to give everything a try, both at home and at school, as children’s tastes do mature over time.


  •  Options such as pasta, baked potatoes, sandwiches and a salad bar are introduced in Key Stage One, with children becoming more independent in selecting their own school meal and serving themselves at the salad bar.


  •  We aim to include colourful foods at meal and snacks times, to make dishes look interesting and appealing.


  • We try to avoid too many different in a single meal- we aim for an assortment of flavours across the week, but keep individual meals balanced in flavours.


  • We introduce new menu cycles at different points across the year to ensure our children are exposed to new foods, tastes, and textures throughout the year and don’t become bored of the meals on offer.


  • This also allows us to incorporate seasonality into our menus, which is more environmentally responsible and teaches our children about foods in season.


  • Did you know that our Key Stage Two children have their own veggie patch? We use this produce in our meal planning.


As in all aspects of school life, we welcome parent/carer and pupil feedback regards our school meals- please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any questions or suggestions!


Please click here to see our School Meals menu, which changes each week. 

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For telephone enquiries please ask for Mrs Potter.
At point of contact, enquires and queries will be dealt with by Mrs. Potter.
For a paper copy of any information on this website, please contact the school office.
SEN enquiries will be passed on to the school SENDCo Mrs Holroyd.