Christ The King RC Primary School

Art & Design

"Every child is an artist." Pablo Picasso

Our Art and Design scheme of work aims to inspire pupils and develop their confidence to experiment and invent their own works of art. 

The curriculum is founded on the Kapow Primary scheme of work which provides a comprehensive, motivating and progressive model, written by subject experts.

The curriculum has 5 strands that run throughout. These are:

  • Making skills
  • Generating ideas
  • Formal Elements
  • Knowledge of artists
  • Evaluating

These strands are revisited in every unit.  In our Art and Design Skills and our Formal Elements of Art units, pupils have the opportunity to learn and practice skills discretely.  The knowledge and skills from these units are then applied throughout the other units in the programme of study.  Key skills are revisited again and again with increasing complexity in a cyclical curriculum model which promotes metacognition retention and allows pupils to revise and build on their previous learning.


Curriculum Documents: 

Art and DT Curriculum Map 2022-23

Art and DT Curriculum Overview 22-23 

Art and Design CTK 3 I's Statement 2022-23    


Spring Term 

This term during Art & Design, the children will be covering the following units of work: 

Year 1 - Formal Elements of Art

Year 2 - Sculpture and Mixed Media

Year 3 - Formal Elements of Art

Year 4 - Formal Elements of Art

Year 5 - Every Picture Tells a Story

Year 6 - Photography                                    

Year 2 Formal Elements of Art

Year 5 Art and design: Formal elements: Architecture

EYFS All About Me & Me and My Family 

Year 6 Make My Voice Heard 

Year 3 Formal Elements of Art

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