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Art & Design Technology


Art and Design & Technology embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. Here at Christ the King we understand that a high-quality Art and DT curriculum should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, providing them with the skills and information to be able to create, invent and evaluate their own art pieces and structures. The teaching of Art and DT gives pupils the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and further their understanding of the study of Art & DT

Through the study of our Art curriculum, our pupils are given the chance to delve into the historical side of Art and how it fits into the world around us. Across Art week, our children have the opportunity to work with a specialized artist, getting the chance to plan and develop their skills and ideas around a specific topic.

In line with our Design Technology curriculum, we at Christ the King have decided to roll out our DT teaching over numerous specialized days. Over the course of these days, the pupils are given the chance to design and build projects with various different materials including, wood, metal and plastic.

Our children are lucky enough to experience a wide range of creative activities through the study of both Art and DT. These include observational drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, textiles and various types of 3D skills (clay, papier-mache, card and recycled materials).


Art and Design Technology Curriculum Map 2020/21

Art Curriculum Statement

Design & Technology Curriculum Statement 

Autumn 1

Art Club 

Some of our children in Key stage 2 stayed behind after school and participated in our Art club. The children worked so hard each week and created lots of amazing pieces, like thumb pots and paper mache animals!


Art around Our School

“I enjoy learning about lots of different artists and all their work!”

Yordanos – Year 6

Our children use sketch books to record all their amazing art work, this allows for their progression to be documented right through school. Children bring their own sketch books with them as they travel up through school so they can build and develop on their creative journeys.

Many of our creative lessons have cross curricular links and the children love to create beautiful crafts to decorate our walls around Christ the King!

“I love learning about all the different techniques we can use in our Art work!”

Kaden – Year 6

As well as creating masterpieces in our practical Art & DT lessons, we also take part in theory lessons, delving into the history and works of different artists and sculptors like Van Gogh and Rousseau.

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