Christ The King RC Primary School


At Christ the King, we want all children to be happy and achieve the very best in all aspects of their lives. We use Personal, Social, Health and Economic education to help children to fulfil their potential and give them the skills they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.


PSHE Around Our School.


"I really liked going in the life van with Rachel and learning about feelings and how to stay safe." (KS1)

"I loved odd socks day, it was really fun and we thought about how we are all different and special." (KS1)

"I liked learning a song about being brave for Anti-bullying week and performing it in the hall." (LKS2)

"The best thing we learned about was when we talked about our emotions and the best way to show them." (UKS2)

"My favourite lesson was when we talked about online safety and what things we should put online and what things should stay private." (UKS2) 

"I liked learning about my mental health and how to stay safe." (LKS2)


There was a visit from SCARF in November 2021. Rachel held a session with each class from Nursery to Year 6. The children were reunited with Harold the giraffe and discussed how to keep themselves healthy and safe. 

World Kindness Day

Saturday 13th November was World Kindness Day. Here are some examples of the children's acts of kindness.



Here is a picture of Mikey who decided to donate some of his clothes and toys to those children that needed them more than him.
Here is a picture of Mikey who decided to donate some of his clothes and toys to those children that needed them more than him.

Ivy - Rae from year 1 helped her Mummy by cleaning her room with her cousin Jacob.

Laila from Reception helped to tidy her bedroom without being asked, helped Mum to bath her baby sister and drew a picture of her family and told them how much she loved them.


Anti-Bullying Week.

The theme for anti-bullying week was, 'One Kind Word.' We started the week with an assembly talking about how we can be kind and they were asked to try to spread one kind word each day. 

Anti-Bullying Week Poster Competition. 

School council decided to mark the week by holding an anti-bullying poster competition. There were over 200 entries. It was a very difficult decision and school council had there work cut out for them deciding who the winners were. Below are our competition winners.

Odd Socks Day.

We all wore our best and craziest odd socks for odd sock day to celebrate our differences and the fact that we are all unique.

Freddie Fit Visit.

We were very lucky to have a visit from Freddie fit. Each class had a session in the sports hall and they learned about the importance of keeping our bodies fit by exercising and eating healthily. Freddie gave each class certain exercises to do and challenges to complete, there were even prizes to be won!

Mental Health Awareness Week 

The theme this year was 'Nature.' During lockdowns, people spent more time in Nature and noticed it more. To mark this week the children painted pebbles using nature as inspiration.

Here are some photos!

Hello Yellow Day For World Mental Health Awareness Day.

The Children at Christ The King wore yellow accessories with their uniform for HelloYellow Day in conjunction with YoungMinds and World mental Health Day. We spoke about how important our mental health is, especially during the pandemic and how to identify if we need help or if people around us need help with their mental health. The children looked fantastic.

For any help with mental health issues this is a really useful site:

Children's Mental Health Week.

During Children's Mental Health Week children took part in PSHE sessions covering topics such as mental health and wellbeing. We had discussions about the importance of good mental health and how to identify if they were experiencing mental health issues and ideas about different things they could do to help themselves if they feel worried or anxious. The children also had a go at some mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation. On the Friday we finished the week by celebrating with a 'Dress to Express' day. Through the place 2Be organisation the children were encouraged to dress to express and show everyone just how wonderful and unique they actually are. 


We used the resource "Staying safe with Sam" in Reception to promote safety around laundry and cleaning products. Each week we are reading a different story focusing on a scenario where children may encounter laundry and cleaning products such as looking under the sink or in a shopping bag. We have been learning a chant to help the children remember what to do:

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