Christ The King RC Primary School

Welcome to Year 5!


Miss Lavery  & Mr Fitzpatrick- Class Teachers


Mrs Ellis/Miss Ormrod/Miss Cantello - Teaching Assistant

Spring 1 

 Class Dojo:

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Home Learning:

You can access all Home Learning resources through Class Dojo. Each week a weekly timetable overview will be posted to the children for them to access their activities for the week. Further resources can be found by following the links below:


BBC Bitesize KS2 Materials topic page à


BBC Bitesize KS2 Vikings topic page à




Online story-time



Homework is given out every Friday and is collected the following Friday. This homework is generally linked to topics the children have been learning in school. Each week children get Numeracy, Literacy and Spelling; along with this, children are expected to read every night and learn their times tables every night. 


PE Kits:

Children have P.E. on Thursday afternoon. The children are expected to wear their P.E. kits into school and for the duration of the school day on Thursdays. Please can children also wear a hooded coat to ensure they are able to stay warm during play times. 



Due to the swimming being cut short last year, a number of pupils from each class will be taking part in catch up lessons each Thursday afternoon during this half term. The children  leave the school shortly after lunch and will return to school around 3.05 pm. 

Spring 1  Knowledge Organisers 

Science - Materials 

History - The Vikings 


In English this term we have introduced a historical narrative poem, ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. The children will have the opportunity to discuss, learn and perform all aspects of this poem. This is a narrative poem that describes how one highwayman’s visit to an inn and his encounter with the landlord’s daughter ends in tragedy. After the highwayman leaves the inn, soldiers arrive and tie up Bess, the landlord’s daughter. Could King George’s men have had a tip off from a jealous admirer? We will follow what Bess tries to do when she gets hold of a soldier’s musket.


In Year 5 Multiplication and Division, children build upon and extend their use of the formal written methods, multiplying four-digit numbers by two-digit numbers and dividing numbers up to four-digits by one-digit numbers. They express remainders as whole numbers, fractions and decimals and choose from these in order to answer questions appropriately when solving problems. The children use their multiplication tables facts to help them to solve larger calculations and continue to grow in confidence to apply their knowledge to reasoning and problem-solving questions. 


In this topic of Materials, the children learn about materials and their properties and how they change. First, they test properties of materials before looking at how materials dissolve, what a solution is and evaporation. Finally, children compare reversible and irreversible changes.


In our religion lessons this term we have been focusing on one of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. The children will be learning about the Sacrament of Marriage and exploring the importance of it. 



The children will learn about the Vikings, and consider the reasons why they raided and then settled in Britain. They will investigate the popular view of the Vikings as raiders, ruthless in their ways of obtaining wealth. They will study primary sources of evidence, such as accounts by monks of the raid on Lindisfarne, as well as archaeological finds, to understand why this interpretation of the Vikings has become so popular. They will examine King Alfred’s struggle and victory over the Vikings, linking back to our previous topic: The Anglo-Saxons.

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