Christ The King RC Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Meet the Staff

Year 5F Teacher: Mr Fitzpatrick
Year 5L teacher: Miss Lavery
Teaching Assistants: Miss Naveed , Miss Burke, Mr Davies  

What You Need to Know

Homework will be given on Fridays to reflect the week’s learning. Homework will often cover Numeracy, Literacy, and a list of spellings in preparation for the Grand Spell each Friday.

Children are also expected to read and practise their times tables every night.

Please send your child in their PE kit on Tuesdays for PE lessons. PE kit is a plain white t-shirt with dark trainers or pumps, and blue or black shorts. Plain black or blue tracksuit bottoms may be worn in the winter.

Please also provide your child with a hooded coat so they can stay warm during playtime.

To find out more about the Year 5 curriculum, subjects, and spellings, please download the links below.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview


What We Are Learning About -Summer 1 

In  Maths, we will be kicking off the term with some work on decimals and percentages. We will then move onto some Geometry and be studying the properties of shape. The children will learn how to calculate missing angles, draw angles with a protractor and measure the angles in a variety of shapes. 

In English, we will be reading the novel "The Boy at the Back of the Class." This book links to our History topic of "Journeys" and allows the children to learn about current issues across the world in different regions. We will be researching the war in Syria and the journey of a refugee, and the children will write a narrative about the topic.  We ill also be studying the poet "Karl Nova" and writing some poetry. 

In Science, our topic is “Forces.” We will be exploring the movement of objects and how forces such as: gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance affect this. 

In History, we are time travelling back to famous journeys through time. We will be studying, Sir Walter Raleigh - the man who brought tea to England and hopping aboard the infamous ship the Titanic on her maiden journey.

In Religion, we will be studying Penecost. 

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