Christ The King RC Primary School

Welcome to Year 5!


Mrs Patel  & Mr Fitzpatrick- Class Teachers


Mrs Ellis/Miss Ormrod/Miss Cantello - Teaching Assistant

Summer 2 

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Homework is given out every Friday and is collected the following Friday. This homework is generally linked to topics the children have been learning in school. Each week children get Numeracy, Literacy and Spelling; along with this, children are expected to read every night and learn their times tables every night. 


Click here to see our Grand Spell spellings for the Summer 2 term.   


PE Kits:

Children have P.E. on Friday afternoon. The children are expected to wear their P.E. kits into school and for the duration of the school day on Fridays. Please can children also wear a hooded coat to ensure they are able to stay warm during play times. 



Due to the swimming being cut short last year, a number of pupils from each class will be taking part in catch up lessons each Friday afternoon during this half term. The children  will be going during school time and will be finishing shcool at normal time. 

Spring 1  Knowledge Organisers 

Science - Materials 

History - The Vikings 

Summer 1 Knowledge Organisers

Science - Forces 

History - Journeys 

Summer 1 Knowledge Organisers

Geography - Journeys

Computing - Word Processing 



Year 5 - 2020/21 Curriculum Overview 


In English this term we are learning about the "unsinkable" Titanic. The children will be investigating the wreckage and trying to decide who they think was at fault on that fateful night. Once they have decided who they think is at fault they will write an informative newspaper article about this. 



In Maths, we will be continuing our work on shapes: looking at the properties of regular and irregular polygons and using our knowledge of angles and measurement. We will then be looking at position of direction of shape before we finish up our year finding out about and converting some different units of measurement. 



In this topic of forces, the children learn about the different forces in the world around them. We will be looking at how forces such as gravity and friction affect the world around us and investigating how air and water resistance can change the speed of moving things. We will be working scientifically and conducting experiments looking into such things as; how does air resistance affect the flight of a helicopter. 


In our religion lessons this term we will be learning about other religions, with a focus on the Muslim faith. We will dive into the meaning of their faith and make comparisons between Catholicism and the Muslim faith. 



The children will learn about the journeys the products we use every day go through to get into our shops. We will look into Fairtrade and think about how we can be ethical shoppers.

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