Christ The King RC Primary School


Welcome to Nursery!

Meet the Staff

Teacher: Miss Pask
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gill, Miss Taylor and Miss Francis

PPA Cover Teacher: Mrs Fahy

What You Need to Know

In the mornings, classroom doors will open at 8.30am for children to arrive, and then close at 8.45am.

In the afternoons, doors will open at 3.15pm for home time.

We ask that you provide your child with a water bottle and make sure they bring it into school everyday. As we are a healthy school, only water is allowed.

Please provide your child with a change of clothes that they can bring into school and leave on their peg. These don’t have to be school uniform.

Please also make sure that your child’s name is on all items of clothing so they don’t get lost!


Curriculum Documents

Click here to check out out curriculum map to see what we will be learning this year in Nursery.

Curriculum Map 

What We Are Learning About - Spring 1

In Maths, we are developing our counting skills. We will be learning to quickly recognise (subitise) up to three objects without counting and practise identifying the numerals from 0 to 5.

Additionally this half term, we will be looking at positional language. The children will practise using the vocabulary in, on, under, next to, in front and behind. They will also follow simple instructions using these prepositions. 

Useful Maths Websites: 



Cbeebies Numeracy

Cbeebies - Numberblocks


In Communication, Language and Literacy, we will be developing our speaking and listening skills through a range of circle time games and nursery rhymes. We will be reading the stories 'Peek-a-boo Penguin' and 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?'. The children will practise retelling the stories using a range of props and order the events that happen. In our sessions we will also be looking at some non-fiction book about polar animals. As a class we will then create a fact file about the polar lands.


In Phonics, we are learning about body percussion and rhythm and rhyme through phase 1 phonics activities and games. Before children learn to read and write they need to be able to hear, recognise and say the sounds. 

Useful Literacy & Communication Websites:

Phonics Play


Oxford Owls


Cbeebies - Alphablocks

The children will also be developing fine motor skills with mark-making activities to build muscles and control when using a pencil. We will work on these skills through dough disco, paint brushes, chalk, tweezers, and a variety of pencil control activities.

It is really important that your child has the correct pencil grip for writing. Share this short video with your child to practise holding a pencil correctly. Encourage them to use their pinchy parrot fingers!

Handy hints for helping your child with early reading at home.

Our Topic for this half-term is Polar Lands. Take a look at our knowledge organiser:

Spring 1 - Polar Lands

In Religion, we will be learning about our community. We will learn about our local church and when we visit for different celebrations. We will learn about the different areas of the church and about Father Derek our Priest. 

Healthy Teeth

At Christ the King, we want to promote the importance of good oral hygiene. This half term, we will be having a visit from the Dental Nurse who will teach us how to take care of our teeth. In Nursery, we daily brush our teeth after lunch using the 'Brush Bus' and regularly talk about the importance of taking care of our teeth. 


We would appreciate it if you could share this video with your child and talk about the importance of brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. You can also discuss how different foods and drinks can be good or bad for your teeth. With this in mind, please ensure your child only brings water and healthy snacks to school.

Here is a presentation of Top Toothbrushing Tips:

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