Christ The King RC Primary School


Welcome to Reception!

Meet the Staff

Reception 1 Teacher: Mrs Deakin (Assistant Headteacher)
Reception 1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Douglas, Miss Curtis
Reception 2 Teacher: Miss Cox
Reception 2 Teaching Assistants: Miss Hallworth, Miss Curtis

Additional Support Teachers: Mrs Fahy


What You Need to Know

In the mornings, classroom doors will open at 8.30am for children to arrive, and then close at 8.45am.

In the afternoons, doors will open at 3.15pm for home time.

Please send your child to school in their PE kit on Monday for PE lessons. PE kit is a plain white t-shirt with blue or black shorts.


NFER Baseline Assessments

During the first few weeks of Reception, we will carry out NFER Baseline Assessments. These involve fun, practical activities led by an adult, which will give an overview of your child’s early skills in Maths, Literacy, Communication and Language. These assessments will help us plan for your child’s next steps in learning.

Please click here for more information.


Reception Curriculum Overview

What We Are Learning About - Spring 1

Our topic for this half-term is 'Polar Lands'. Please click here to see our Knowledge Organiser for this half term. 


In Maths, we are learning about weight. We will be changing our Math's area into Postman Pat's sorting office, where we will weigh parcels using the scales. The children will be learning lots of new vocabulary to compare the weight of the different parcels such as: heavy, light, heavier, lighter, heaviest and lightest. 


Useful Maths Websites:      


Whiterose Maths

Number Fun Portal

Cbeebies - Numberblocks

BBC Bitesize

ICT Games

In Communication, Language and Literacy, the children will be learning new information and vocabulary about Penguins. We will be learning about the different types of Penguins, where they live and what they eat. The children will be using our Role-play and Small World area to help them to learn new information about the Antarctica and Artic. They will then write information sentences about all the new facts they have learnt. 

Handy hints for helping your child with early reading at home.

Useful Literacy and Communication Websites:         

Phonics Play


Oxford Owls

Teach Handwriting

In Phonics, we are learning to read and write Set 1 sounds. It is important for all children to know these sounds so they can use them independently in their reading and writing. We are encouraging children to use “pure sounds” as used in this video. Please share this with your child and encourage them to say these sounds out loud as often as possible.

Video: Parent video: How to say the sounds


It is really important that your child has the correct pencil grip for writing. Share this short video with your child to practise holding a pencil correctly. Encourage them to use their pinchy parrot fingers!

In Religion, we will be learning about our parish church, Christ the King. The children will be visiting their parish church and asking Father Derek about the jobs he does as a Parish Priest.

Healthy Teeth

At Christ the King, we want to promote the importance of good oral hygiene. We would appreciate it if you could share these videos with your child and talk about the importance of brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. You can also discuss how different foods and drinks can be good or bad for your teeth. With this in mind, please ensure your child only brings water and healthy snacks to school.

Video: Top Toothbrushing Tips

Our visit from the Dental Nurse

The Dental Nurse came to visit our class. She talked about how important it is to keep our teeth clean and healthy. We dressed up as a Dentist and talked about things that were kind and unkind to our teeth.

Staying Safe

To promote safety around laundry and cleaning products, we are using the resource Staying Safe with Sam. In addition to reading different stories on this theme, we have been learning a chant to help the children remember what to do.

Children will receive a resource pack to take home for parents. This contains a mini storybook, an activity sheet, a poster copy, a fact sheet, and an 'I stayed safe with Sam' sticker.


Download the Staying Safe with Sam poster.

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