Christ The King RC Primary School




 Reception 1: Mrs Deakin and Mrs Douglas/Miss Shomali

  Reception 2: Miss Cullen and Miss Hallworth/Miss Shomali

      Intervention StaffMrs Fleming and Mrs Nish


MORNING- Classroom doors will open at 8.45am each morning to allow for drifting in time and will close at 9.00am

AFTERNOON- Doors will open at 3.15pm for home time

PE- children will do PE on a Thursday. Please send your child to school in their PE kit.


During your child's first few weeks in Reception we will be carrying out the NFER baseline assessment. This will be fun and practical activities with an adult, that will give an overview of your child's early skills in Maths, Literacy and Communication and Language. These assessments will help us to plan for your child's next steps in learning. Please click on the link below for more information.

Autumn 1 -Knowledge Organiser


 In Religion we will be talking about how special we are and that God knows and loves all of us.  

Isaiah 43 1:2

God Says: 

You are precious to me. 

I love you.

I know you.

I know your name.

I call you by your name.

You are my child.


Communication, Language and Literacy

We will be reading the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson

We will be talking about the story and matching initial sounds to the animals on our story map. We will be painting animals from the story and then writing labels for our class map of the farm.



Please find below a list of useful online resources to continue learning English skills at home. (cursive practice) (storybooks brought to life)  


In Maths this half term, we will be looking at numbers and counting objects. We will be matching the correct numeral to each set of objects.   We will be making 'Jazzy Jumpers' and finding the correct numeral  to match the number of buttons on our jumpers.  

 Please find below a list of useful online resources to continue learning Maths skills.

-Cbeebies- Numberblocks

Healthy Teeth!

At Christ the King, we are promoting the importance of good oral hygiene. Please share this video with your child and talk about the importance of brushing their teeth in the morning and at night. Also, talk to your child about things that are good and things that are bad for their teeth. With this in mind, please make sure your child only brings water to school and healthy snacks in their packed lunch. Thank you


The Boy Who Hated Toothbrushes!

Please have a look at the story book below!

Billy hates toothbrushes until he finds a tooth sparkler...


Here is a presentation of 'Top Toothbrushing Tips'

We are currently using the resource "Staying safe with Sam" in Reception to promote safety around laundry and cleaning products. Each week we are reading a different story focusing on a scenario where children may encounter laundry and cleaning products such as looking under the sink or in a shopping bag. We have been learning a chant to help the children remember what to do:

We will be sending home a pack of resources for parents to use which contains a mini - story book, an activity sheet, a copy of the poster, a fact sheet and an 'I stayed safe with Sam' sticker.






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