Christ The King RC Primary School

Values and Ethos


Mission Statement

‘With the knowledge of Jesus and His love in our hearts,
we try to 
be the very best we can.’

As a Roman Catholic school, our mission is the education of the whole person, to nurture the God-given gifts of every child in preparation for life in high school and beyond. Compelled by Canon Law, we strive to be just as outstanding as other schools, if not more so, to ensure our children can reach their full potential.

With the teachings of Jesus Christ at the centre of all our work, we aim for all our children to leave school with the faith, skills and commitment to play meaningful roles in society. We fulfil our mission statement by upholding our ethos of ‘Love, Life, Laughter and Learning.’ 

About Us

Christ the King is a Voluntary Aided Roman Catholic Primary School serving the parish community in Newton Heath, Manchester. We are a member of the family of schools in the Diocese of Salford and Manchester City Council. The school opened in September 1939 and has been on the same site ever since, catering for the Roman Catholic community of the area.

Our Faith

Gospel Values are built into the heart of school life and teaching at Christ the King Primary School. 10% of the curriculum is devoted to religion and Roman Catholicism. Children are taught about the Word of Our Lord and His love for us; the Sacraments and importance of prayer; as well as what it means to be part of a worshipping community. In Year 3, children will receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

British Values

Hand in hand with Gospel Values, children are taught British Values so that they understand what it means to be a British citizen, and the respect and responsibility they owe to themselves and to each other.   

Democracy: Pupils learn that every voice matters through lively class discussions, collectively deciding class rules, participating in elections for Student Council, and learning about democracy in the UK as well as relevant topical issues.

Rule of Law: Pupils are taught the importance of rules through initiatives such as Anti-Bullying Week and Internet Safety Day, bespoke sessions with Global Policing, School Cadets and our overall Behaviour Policy.

Individual Liberty: We provide a safe and supportive environment in which pupils are encouraged to make their own choices when appropriate. Pupils learn the importance of rights and personal freedoms, and how to exercise these safely in regards to e-safety, swimming, and a whole range of other activities. 

Mutual Respect: As a Catholic school, respect for others is fundamental to our ethos. Pupils learn to abide by the Golden Rule to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs: Pupils are taught to celebrate diversity and equality through our assemblies, World Faith Weeks, charity efforts, and our links within the community. We welcome our non-Catholic pupils to take part in the liturgy and faith celebrations, daily prayers and rituals.


At Christ the King, we celebrate children’s individuality and support their emotional wellbeing, which contributes to our pupils’ excellent behaviour and the positive, welcoming environment of our school. By fostering spiritual awareness, caring for others, and an appreciation for different cultures and backgrounds, we help all of our pupils to flourish and prepare for life in modern Britain.

Culcheth Lane, Manchester, Lancashire M40 1LU

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