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Geography is a foundation subject which is part of the National Curriculum. The study of Geography includes the study of the human, physical and socio-economic features of a particular environment so that we can further our social understanding and cross-cultural respect. To achieve this it involves the application of knowledge, understanding and skills to a broad range of environmental observations.

At Christ the King our aims in teaching Geography are that all children will:

- develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to analyse, discuss and reason about questions concerning the human and physical features of a range of environments.- develop the practical skills to undertake field-work and to make observations and draw conclusions from these.- become more aware of the effects which human activities and natural phenomena on our environment.

Geography is important because it provides the children with opportunities:

- To travel and see their world, with a more enquiring mind.

- To develop a range of skills including ; enquiry, reasoning and creative thinking
The Geography Curriculum

The Geography curriculum in school is organised on a Unit basis and staff follow the Q.C.A. programmes of study, according to their age/year range. Each Key Stage decides upon which Unit their year will cover and this allows for continuity throughout the school.

The Units covered include:-

Around Our School Keeping Safe Where In The World Is Barnaby Bear? Passport To The World An Island Home Going To The Seaside Global eye Our Local Area World Weather Improving Our Area News! Improving The Environment Village Settlers A Village In India Water A Contrasting Locality A Local Issue Should high street be closed Rivers The Mountain Environment

How you can support your child at home?

Encourage them to look at maps, atlases, road signs, land use etc

Encourage an enquiring mind, when children are around their locality, ask them questions and get them to look at features and land use

When on trips/holidays ask children to look at local features and the environment

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