Christ The King RC Primary School

Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Hampson / Mrs Patel - Class Teachers

Mrs Gallimore /Mrs Malone - Additional Teaching Support

Mrs Knight TA

Mrs Powell TA

During our time off due to Covid-19 it is important that we all stay active both mentally and physically. Each child in Year 6 will be sent home with a home learning pack. This will include, English, Maths, Science, Religion, Art and Music. Below are some links which the children can all access whilst at home which will assist them with their learning.




TT Rockstars


BBC Bitesize

National Geographic Kids

White Rose Maths Hub

Mathematics Mastery


Please keep an eye out on this web page and on the Year 6  Class DOJO page as the teachers we will be posting different activities to help with the children's learning at home.


Important information


Children will be given homework on Mondays. It is to be handed in on Fridays - it will always be linked to something we have been learning in school. There will also be spelling,maths and grammar tests on Fridays.  It is crucial that children have time to play and relax when they get home.

Every house is busy and it can often feel as though there is no time for homework. However, we will not give out huge amounts of work to do at home.  20 - 30 minutes per night is recommended for year 6 children. If you have any concerns about your child's homework please come and speak to Mr Hampson or Mrs Patel.


PE Lessons & Kit:

Our PE lessons take place on Friday. It is recommended that your child brings in their kit at the start of each half term and leave it in school for the entire half term so that they have it when it is needed. Children should have a change of top as well as a pair of shorts (They can wear jogging bottoms or long pants in winter months). Please put your child's name on their kit - this saves a lot of time if the kit is ever lost. Year 6 children are encouraged to apply deodorants (not aerosols) prior to these lessons. 


R.E is a focal point of our school being a Catholic school.  October is the Month of the Rosary and the children have produced some lovely pieces of work for our displays in classroom. We have also focused on  the concept of Unconditional Love, the Beatitudes and the parable of The Prodigal Son. 


We want the very best for our children in Y6 and, with that in mind, would like to encourage children to read a wide variety of texts.  Please encourage your child to read at home as much as possible.  We have a wonderful library at school and lots of books that we could recommend if your child is wondering where to start.


Our focus for the first half term is all to do with number. We will be exploring different topics within number including; Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

We will also be exploring factors and multiples as well as prime numbers.


In English, we are exploring themes connected to WWII. We have been exploring different forms of writing including letter writing, Diary writing and a recount of an Air Raid. We are also looking into the use of speech and will be looking at writing and performing a speech in class. We have been reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Letters From the Lighthouse.


Our first topic in Year 6 for Science is inheritance and adaption. This is an interesting topic for the children to explore and the work produced is always to a high standard.

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