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Do we like to be beside the seaside?

In this unit, children will learn about the coast of the British Isles. As primary geography is such a visual subject, the approach used is to provide a large number and wide range of visual images; as we know the idiom that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words!’ Children need to be able to visualise what they are learning about not just know its ‘word label’. Children will consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of living by the coast, and how much of the UK’s coast has changed from a focus on fishing to one on tourism. Throughout the unit they will also be introduced to a few contrasting coasts around the world, and associated environmental issues, extending their coastal and locational knowledge and encouraging critical thinking through presenting an argument.


This unit includes opportunities for a fieldtrip to a coastal area, where children will see some advantages and disadvantages of living near the coast for themselves. Photographs alongside 'virtual' experiences through Digimap for Schools and/or Google Street View/Maps will be used alongside. Children may have their own photographs and experiences to share, thus, allowing the unit to build on their natural enthusiasm.  

How can I support learning at home?

You can reinforce and support pupils' learning at home in lots of ways:

  • Locate and describe some coastal environment/s in the UK and in other continents
  • Use appropriate geographical vocabulary (refer to 'Coasts' knowledge organiser) to describe significant human (man-made - harbours, coastal defences, etc) and physical (natural - cliffs, sea, mountains, etc.) coastal features
  • Talk about how coasts change and some advantages and disadvantages to this
  • Look at some human coastal activities.
  • Research some coastal hazards and how we can respond to them now and should in the future.
  • Discuss how and explain why the physical features of coasts change
  • If you're lucky enough, visit a coastal area and/or use Digimap for Schools and/or Google Street View/Maps to visit 'virtually'
  • Explore the websites below:

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