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Journeys - Food:

Where does our food come from?

This unit links the everyday experience of buying and eating food within the UK with the children’s growing geographical understanding of the world. As with many units in KS1, there is a strong element of local area study. Building on their previous fieldwork visit in the local area, children will visit a local shop, market or farm and discuss the produce available. This will begin to show the class the connections between what we buy, where it comes from locally and how it might be able to be sourced from the UK (and beyond).


This term, our children visited our local high street to see which shops sold fresh, frozen and/or fast food. We looked through the windows of most shops and discussed which of the different foods we could see were grown or processed. However, when we came to the larger supermarkets (Iceland, Lidl and Asda), we were able to go inside and look at and work with the hundreds of different types of food that they sold on the shelves. The children really enjoyed making lists of these foods. They found it even more exciting to be working outside of the classroom.

We then looked at the different countries of the UK on a map to see where different foods are sourced. Our mouths watered as we discussed the delicious types of bread and cakes that some of us had never tasted before - Mrs Gallimore included! We were so excited to then taste them! We found that the soda bread was the least of our favourites but the shortbread and welsh cakes went down a treat! These were our most favourites!

How can I support learning at home?

You can reinforce and support pupils' learning in lots of ways:

  • Identify and discuss foods that can be bought on the local high street
  • Discuss cereal crops and explain that this is where our cereals come from
  • Explain where everyday products (milk, eggs, etc.) come from
  • Explain that many different types of food come from the UK
  • Visit a library and look at relevant books related to the journey of food

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