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Our World:

Where on Earth are we?

In an earlier Geography unit, the children used several different representations of the world, or parts of it. They will build upon this in this unit, where they will begin to understand the Earth better as a sphere, learning to rotate it both on a globe and mentally in 3-D. They will explore its representation in 2-D maps, and learn about the imaginary lines used (Equator, latitude, longitude, tropics and the International Date Line) to pinpoint global locations.

How can I support learning at home?

You can reinforce and support pupils' understanding in lots of ways:

• Discuss and explain the relationship between globes (3D) and maps (2D)
• Describe and help children understand the significance of longitude and latitude
• Locate the Prime/Greenwich Meridian on a globe and world map - a library can help here
• Describe day and night in relation to the Earth’s rotation on its own axis
• Use some of the key vocabulary found on the 'Where on Earth are we?' knowledge organiser.

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