Christ The King RC Primary School

Our World in the Future:

How will our world look like in the future?

In this unit, as the children move towards the end of their primary school careers and prepare to move to secondary schools, they will consider the past, present and future of their local area. This unit helps them see change as positive and to feel optimistic about the changes that lie ahead, as after all, they are our adults of the future world.


This unit has many opportunities for fieldwork and any of the lessons could potentially include an element of fieldwork. The children will plan and carry out fieldwork activities, answering enquiry questions such as: What, in our region, should we preserve for the future? They will also look at the types of housing and industry in the region. Understanding and considering the views and needs of the community are key to this unit.

How can I support learning at home?

You can reinforce and support pupils' learning through lots of ways:

  • Provide modelling materials for the children to use, and allow them to add 3-D models of how they would like to see the area in the future. Challenge the children to add labels to their models, explaining how the development would benefit the local community.
  • Help children to understand how developments can be sustainable
  • Discuss and explain how local industry has changed over time and how future needs of the community may affect local industry
  • Discuss and help children to understand how to take the needs and views of others into account

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