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What are seasons?

In this unit, the children will learn about weather and seasons. This unit has a focus on the local area, as well as looking at the wider perspective of the UK. Simply looking out of the window, collecting data in the playground and thinking about what is happening around them, will be used as perfect ways to support them in making sense of a changing world. The children will also observe, spot seasonal patterns and talk about changes by using weather-related vocabulary.


Children will walk around the school grounds allowing them to see evidence of the current weather and seasons. They will look for changing tree colours, old leaves on the ground, puddles, shadows, where the sun is, etc. Questions will be asked such as: Why can we see last autumn’s leaves but not any snow? Do we see any young ducks in the autumn? Such conversations will link to learning about life cycles in science.

How can I support learning at home? 

You can reinforce and support pupils' learning in lots of ways:

  • Name and describe changes in the weather throughout the day and/or week
  • Name the seasons and describe the basic UK seasonal weather patterns
  • Match weather symbols to the weather
  • Record the weather on different days using weather symbols
  • Visit a library and look at books relating to Seasons


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